Top Soccer Prospects

This one action can and will certainly stop prospects from joining your MLM business. You may have the greatest product, or the best compensation plan, or top-notch MLM training techniques; but none of that matters if you do this one thing to alienate your prospects. Making your prospect feel dumb is probably the most counter-productive thing you could do when trying to get them into your MLM business, yet so many people do it without knowing they do it. Of my list of Ten Communication Qualities (which is a list of qualities every network marketer must know and possess in order to truly have success in speaking with MLM prospects), "Communicate at the Prospect's Level" is number nine. When you communicate at the prospect's level they "get" you. They feel the two of you are on the same 'wave length." Don't communicate at the prospect's level and they feel dumb and that they can't do it. (meaning, they won't be able to successfully build an MLM business.) They also feel very "different" than you. Have you ever sat around people speaking a different language? You felt alienated...and you were. If you use esoteric terms (the word esoteric means - Intended for or understood by only a particular group) that your prospect doesn't know, then you're going to have partial or no communication. What does that mean? Partial communication is when parts of what you say are understood by the prospect and parts are NOT understood. So they only understood a part of what you said. An example could be that you say breakaway compensation plan. They only understand compensation plan so they know it has something to do with making money but it's not clear to them exactly what you mean. That's partial communication. No communication is when you say something and the prospect has no idea what you're talking about. You say phytochemical (means: nutrients in plants that have health promoting properties) and they think "dog chemicals." 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If you need to use a new word, only use words to define that new word that your prospect already knows. And...please, please, please when you hear something you don't understand - ask what it means. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

    world's top soccer prospects?
    i want to know some of the worlds best soccer freddy adu ..dos santos..sahin ,and rooney...if u know more players tell me

    • ANSWER:
      Adu and Pato ... so far have shown they have the potential to be stars
      Both are now with big european teams and hopefully they'll slowly flourish

    The top draft prospects?
    Anyone else find it somewhat odd that Sidney Crosby was the favourite player of the bulk of them? Tavares, Schenn, Duchene all named Crosby as their favourite player. Just seems odd because usually you see older veterans as these prospects favourites....guys like Sakic or Thornton, not a player 3-4 years older than them.........perhaps I am just getting old.
    ........some of the things they mentioned.....not only the best player on the ice but the hardest worker, great leader, classy etc.....
    Proteach.....yeah, but these guys didn't just get into hockey 3-4 years ago...they have been NHL fans for over a decade.......a good example would be Crosby himself....his favourite player? Steve Yzerman, a player who was 23 years older than Sidney.

    • ANSWER:
      Crosby is something, we must not forget it! Many now hate him because he used to fake, complain, be more like a soccer player. Seriously, you are simply blind or ignorant if you don't consider him to be in the top five best players. At least, he has the stats to show how he is good.

      He is amazingly skilled and we talk about him since he entered the LHJMQ. This explains why he could be so appreciated.

      Usually older guys get preferred like you say, but how old are now these young guys? They are 18, 19, 20 at worst. They are from around '89 to '91. They can't really take Lemieux, Bourque or Gretzky, you know. Joe Sakic, perhaps. But, as they grow older and start to play seriously, who is dominant? About, 2-3 years ago, who was dominant? Crosby, Ovechkin when they entered were dominant. Sakic slowed down a lot and Thorton isn't pretty exiting and he wasn't a monster with Boston. You can look down the line, but since 2004, NHL started to lack of great stars. Yzerman, Sakic, Lemieux, Hull and company where on their last miles.

      So our present kid grew up with the remains of the 90s and the upcoming guys; they were in a transition phase where great players quit and other good enter. Crosby, a new superstar, is quite an obvious choice for many of them.

    who is the top u-21 soccer prospect from mexico?

    • ANSWER:
      We have a couple....

      Carlos Vela 20 years old
      Giovanni Dos Santos 20 years old
      Jonathan Dos Santos 19 years old
      Martin Galvan 17 years old (if he learns how to behave)
      Javier Hernandez 21 years old
      Enrique Esqueda 21 years old
      Edgar Pacheco 20 years old
      Nestor Calderon 20 years old

      Im sure there are more that I forgot to mention.

    What is football (soccer) culture like in South Africa?
    How involved are footballers with the sport?

    How do they interact with it - i.e. Watch games at stadium, watch it on TV, hear commentary on radio, read, newspapers etc?

    Also how segregated is football? Do people of different races play together?

    Do people play football often and if so, where do they play?

    I am curious about South Africa's football culture since they are hosting the World Cup in 2010 and I was wondering how excited (or not) South Africans are about the prospect of hosting such an exciting event.

    Ole! South Africa! Ole!

    • ANSWER:
      Football/Soccer is huge in SA ..... the 3 main sports are:

      the culture is the same as it is everywhere.And the sports gets media coverage from all areas, tv, radio, print. There's rivalry amongst neighbouring teams as well, a good example would be:

      Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates

      it's like:
      *Manchester United vs Liverpool
      *Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspurs

      so you sort of get the idea!!! :-) There is no more apartheid in SA, so races mix in everything ... sports, music, tv, fashion.

      We have our own League as well -- The PSL (Premier Soccer League). So we play all the time. One of the more popular stadiums, is FNB Stadium situated in Johannesburg.

      The popular teams are:
      *Kaizer Chiefs
      *Orlando Pirates
      *Moroka Swallows
      *Mamelodi Sundowns
      and obviously, there's a whole lot more!!!

      Some of our famous players that have made debuts on the world stage are:
      *Lucas Radebe - Leeds (but he's retired now)
      *Shaun Bartlett - Charlton
      *Mark Fish - Charlton
      *Quinton Fortune - Manchester United, but I think now he plays for City.
      *Benedict McCarthy - FC Porto and now Blackburn - one of the top goal scorers in the league at the moment *yeah baby*
      *Stanton Fredericks - FK Moscow, but he's gone home to Orlando Pirates now.
      the list is endless .....

      We're all excited about 2010 ~*Madiba Magic*~ !!! :-)

      We still have a lot to do, but we remain positive that we can pull it off. Obviously it means the WORLD to us, that such an extraordinary event is now placed in our hands.

      We are certainly gonna make the world sit up take notice =]

      VIVA SA VIVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it possible for me to become a professional soccer player?
    Im 14 years old 6' tall pretty good at soccer. good shot. reasonably good dribbling skills. somewhat fast and i love the game. Is there any chance that if i work hard enough i can become a soccer player?

    • ANSWER:
      yea dude! you can do anything if you work for it!
      im a freshman and already being scouted by 4 colleges (good ones). i run 2.5 miles a day, 45 skill drills a peice (inside of foot, top of foot, out side of foot, thighs, chest, chest to thigh, headers). what you need to do is go to AS MANY college athletic websites as possible. go to mens soccer, and look for prospect questionaire or recruting questionaire. fill out as many as possible. email coaches, call coachs, GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE. your high school coach cant get you crap. Play club soccer...BIG HELP. Remember your scedual by heart. (trust me on that one). show up to practice early, leave late. People dont play pro just because they think it pays good. people play pro because its a PASSION. i absoulutly LOVE the game and dont care what people think about it. if you neeed any advice or help, is the email. i know alot about recruiting and the game. feel free to email

    when will yahoo have fantasy MLS (Major League Soccer)?
    seems like it should be about time Yahoo!
    JUSTICE League - there is already a Prem League fantasy soccer on Yahoo. "...minor league quality players..." wow, you obviously know a lot about soccer... oh wait, nope, you're just spitting out what you hear on sports talk radio by soccer haters.
    FANTASY GURU - what was the point in you even attempting an answer?

    • ANSWER:
      Highly unlikely. Not only is soccer an unpopular sport in America (while growing, it's still a dwarf compared to football/baseball), but MLS isn't even one of the top soccer leagues in the world. Fantasy Soccer of the Premier League would certainly generate more players than MLS Fantasy Soccer. No one wants to play a Fantasy Sport with a bunch of minor league quality players (which is essentially what MLS is to Europe's leagues).

      EDIT: Lmao dude. Please tell me how you can even compare MLS to the Premier League. Oh wait, you can't. Everyone you see in the MLS, are either crappy players, guys with potential (prospects) who will eventually go to Europe (a.k.a. Minor Leaguers), or former Premier League players who are well past their prime and the MLS signs them just to get some attention, not true quality players. Rofl, please man, please.

      Additionally, you asked the question. We answered. This isn't a place for you to ask then tell everyone who takes the time to answer "You're wrong you're wrong". This isn't a debate forum bro. And the fact is if we didn't answer, no one else would have, because we are the only two answers and 99% of America hates soccer.

    How Long of a Field Goal (NFL dimensions) could soccer goalkeeper Paul Robinson kick?
    Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson (soccer/football) can take tremendous goal kicks and punts the ball incredibly far. A soccer ball is different than an American football, but how long of a field goal could Robinson kick on an NFL field? Assume no opponent and an unlimited run-up - could he get a 70 yarder? Has this ever been tried with any soccer goalie?

    • ANSWER:
      top high school and college prospects can nail 65-yarders without opposition or the pressures of a real game (in other words, in practice.) A player with Paul Robinson's training could probably take the field goal and hit it from 70-80 yards. but then there is a question of Robinson's accuracy in hitting the ball between the posts. I think Paul Robinson could nail a 75 yarder between the goal posts after a few tries.

    College Prospects/ Chances?
    Hi guys! I am planning on leaving Ireland to go to the states for college. I have an american passport so I don't know if I am really an "international student"

    I have good grades: about top 15 or 20 percent in my class, doing all honors subjects.

    I took the SAT's and got : 690 CR and 620 MATH and 620 WRIT.

    I am heavily involved in sports: I play on the schools first team for Rugby Cricket and Soccer.

    I have done some long distance running for charity.

    I know my SAT's dont really stand out alot but I wonder if being from an interesting backround will help my admission chances? My first preference college would be Columbia NY. Also looking at Northwestern, Upenn, and Boston College.

    Anybody who has been through the admission process/ knows alot about it I would be grateful for any comments, Prospects, or tips!


    • ANSWER:
      Since your SATs are on the low side, I would apply to the top colleges that are SAT Optional like Middlebury, Holy Cross, Bowdoin, Wake Forest. These are all highly regarded colleges and ranked very highly.

    which foreign language gives us better prospect to earn max money?

    • ANSWER:
      First, I will present my arguments. Pay attentian carefully.

      Top 6 most spoken languages in the world (by native speakers):
      1st - Mandarin (Chinese common dialect)
      2nd - Spanish (Castilian)
      3rd - English
      4th - Hindi-Urdu (Hindustani)
      5th - Portuguese
      6th - Arabic

      If you already speak english and hindi, I would suggest one of the following languages:

      Mandarin - because China is the 2nd largest GDP of the world. However, it is spoken only in China. Furtheremore, mandarin is a tonal language (very difficult to learn properly).

      Japanese - because Japan is the 3rd largest GDP of the world. However, it is spoken only in Japan. The written japanese is very difficult.

      German - because Germany is the 4th largest GDP of the world. It is officially spoken in only three European countries. However, Europe is falling in a deep economic crisis.

      French - because France is the 5th largest GDP of the world. It is spoken in several countries. However, Europe is falling in a deep economic crisis.

      Portuguese - because Brazil is the 7th largest GDP of the world. Brazil will become the 6th in this very year. Portuguese is officially spoken in 8 countries and widely spoken over the world. Brazilian economy is growing fast. Furtheremore, if you learn portuguese, you will be able to understand a little spanish and it will be easier to learn spanish too.

      Italian - because Italy is the 8th largest GDP of the world. However, it is officially spoken only in Italy and a little part of Switzerland. Furtheremore, European economy is in crisis.

      Russian - because Russia is the 11th largest GDP of the world. However, it is not so widely spoken as other languages.

      Spanish - Spain is the 12th largest GDP of the world. Mexico is the 14th. Spanish is spoken in several other countries, including Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba etc. All together make a great market, but their economies are not so strong.

      Finally, I suggest: portuguese.
      It is the only official language of Brazil and it is spoken by 99,8% of Brazilians. Brazilian population today is around 192 millions. Portuguese language is also spoken in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor and other countries. It is co-official or unofficially spoken in some regions of the plantet such as: Goa (India), Daman and Diu (India), Macau (China) etc. There are over 1.4 million native speakers of portuguese living in the United States.

      Since it is so important and so rarely studied by foreigners, knowledge of portuguese as a foreign language is a very marketable skill, especially in commerce and banking.

      - The world famous Brazilian carnaval (every year, on february).
      - Soccer World Cup in Brazil 2014.
      - Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

      - Touristic cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Brasilia, Olinda, Ouro Preto, Vitoria, Blumenau, Campos de Jordao, Florianopolis...
      - Natural beauties: the rain forest, Chapada Diamantina, Pantanal and 6.000 miles of beaches at the Brazilian coast. Beaches such as Fernando de Noronha, Porto de Galinhas, Buzios, Guarapari, Cabo Frio...

      So, you could make money in India by organizing tour packages to Brazil. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal and Brazil.

    Who are some rising soccer players that are polish?

    • ANSWER:
      With the Polish national team currently going through a heavy crisis, Polish soccer fans are hoping for a new young star that can change our standing in the world game. Now the future is everything for Poland.

      The Polish national team doesn t have an official match until Euro 2012, which Poland themselves will host with Ukraine. However, countless young Poles that leave their country have their talents wasted by sitting on the bench or playing for a reserve team. Some Poles leave Poland for Europe and then nothing is heard from them for years until they return to Poland to turn out for a lower division team.

      As Poland begins their campaign to built a strong team for the future, lets take a look at some young promising Poles that should rebuild the face of the national team.

      1.) Robert Lewandowski
      21 years old- Lech Poznan (Poland)

      Probably the most talented Polish youngster since Zbigniew Boniek. Lewanowski joined Lech Poznan from second division club Znicz Pruszkow in 2008 after finishing the league s top scorer that season. Right away, Lewandowski jumped into Lech s first team and scored his first league goal on his debut. In the same season, Lewandowski was called up to the national team by then coach Leo Beenhakker.

      Making a habit of enjoying debuts, in his first international appearance Lewandowski scored again (he has scored on debuts in 6 different competitions). After four successful seasons with Lech Poznan, Lewandowski is now wanted by some big clubs in Europe. There s a huge chance that this tall, rangy young striker will leave Lech for either Genoa, Borussia Dortmund or Blackburn this summer.

      2.) Wojciech Szczesny
      20 years old- Arsenal (On loan at Brentford) (England)

      The future of Polish soccer, period. Szczesny left Poland at a young age for a world class club, Arsenal. Still without a league appearance for Arsneal, Szczesny was loaned out to League One club Brentford this season. Having impressed English journalists, some are calling Szczesny the next great keeper for Arsenal.

      The Gunners manager, Arsene Wenger also has high hopes for Szczesny. We have identified Szczseny as a future great goalkeeper. I really believe in him that he will one day be Arsenal s No 1. He has all the qualities you want from a goalkeeper. Szczesny received his first international cap when he replaced Tomasz Kuszczak in Poland s net against Canada last November.

      3.) Kamil Glik
      22 years old- Piast Gliwice (Poland)

      Poland s best defensive prospect in years. Another to leave Poland at a young age, Glik was signed by Real Madrid C. With hopes of one day making a place in the Real Madrid team, Glik was one of those players that some thought might end up wasting his talent. After realising he wasn t in Real Madrid s long term plans, Glik snubbed a new deal at the Bernabeu and returned to Poland to finally get a chance to start every match.

      After joining Piast Gliwice, Glik was observed by Hamburger SV, but decided to stay in his home nation. Now, Glik is one of the best defenders in the Polish Ekstraklasa. After a successful first appearance for the Polish national team, several clubs had Glik watched and he was reportedly close to joining English club Fulham.

      4.) Adam Matuszczyk
      21 years old- FC Koln (Germany)

      Adam Matuszczyk is a different story from other youngsters who left Poland. Matuszczyk left his native land with his family, as did the likes of Podolski and Klose. The midfielder joined FC Koln s youth team with hopes of one day playing for the first team. But while with the reserves, Matuszczyk decided he wanted to play for the Polish national team (Matuszczyk also holds a German passport).

      He appeared for the U-19 and U-21 Poland national team before earning a call-up from Polish national team coach Frank Smuda for the King Cup in Thailand. That same week, Matuszczyk was promoted to FC Koln s first team. Matuszczyk couldn t participate in the King Cup, but finally made his league debut for FC Koln. After establishing a starting spot for FC Koln and recently scoring his first two goals, Matuszczyk is hoping to receive his first international cap for Poland in the coming months.

      5.) Michael Janota
      19 years old- Feyenoord (On loan at Excelsior) (Netherlands)

      Janota left Poland in 2006 for Dutch powerhouse Feyenoord. He made his debut for the Rotterdam club in 2008, coming on as a substitute against PSV in the Dutch Super Cup. After making just six league appearances for Feyenoord, Janota was loaned out to Dutch second division club Excelsior. At Excelsior, Janota has played 29 times and scored seven goals.

      Janota is still waiting for his first international appearance and should be in Smuda s plans in the upcoming years. A speedy winger that can score goals, Janota has considered a move back to Poland lately for more playing time in a higher competition, and to be closer to national team coach Frank Smuda.

      Other promising Polish players: Maciej Rybus (L

    Can you get into college for sports without great grades?
    I'm 16 and am an elite soccer player and dream of a career, but my grades aren't where I wish they were. The majority of them are A's B's & C's but at some points may drop lower. I'm wondering if because I'm so good at soccer it doesn't matter too much? I'm a smart girl, just not in some classes. Thankyaa

    • ANSWER:
      not with soccer man.... maybe if you were a top prospect but then you need a minimum of a 2.5-.7
      soccer is too international to be in that catagory

    Best way to get scouted for a junior soccer player in high school?
    I'm 16 (in the United States) and I am looking for a way to get scouted by colleges. I go to a pretty small school (350 students including 8th graders) and our soccer/football (whatever you prefer to call it) team has been extremely successful in the past 2 years (back to back region champions and in the top 5 1A teams in the past 2 years) but no one from my school actually gets scholarships and that's with tons of talent. I myself, play mostly defense and midfield and I'm pretty good but coming from a small school in a southern state no teams ever notice especially a defensive player. So are there any (preferably free) websites that provide some sort of a hook up with college teams to send in potential prospects? Or do you have other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to for now is to just play soccer and wait until your senior year for scholarship talk.

    what do you find more outrageous:the salaries of top football players?
    or hollywood stars? who deserves to earn more money?

    • ANSWER:
      I have no economic reason to feel that the hollywood stars or the football players get outrageous salaries/ earnings. Not all football players or hollywood stars earn the same money within their industry: there is lot of variation. The stars get paid for the past performance and more importantly their short-term performance potential. It is because the moviegoers or the football spectators are willing to pay and the advertisers are willing to pay to get publicity of their products if the stars play in a movie or in a competitive football match, it is the potential revenue of movies and matches that the moviegoers, spectators and advertisers are willing to help generate that influences the expected marginal revenue productivity of different stars or combination of stars in the film or on the field. They get what they reall are expected to earn on that basis. Since potential revenue productivity is the basic criterion, whether an individual movie star will get more or less than individual football star, there is hardly any reason to fell outrageous or debate who will get higher or less. The company CEOs get different salaries depending on their experience, performance and the industry's profitability and growth trends and prospects. The same principle apply in the case of stars of different ares whether hollywood or soccer or football or tennis.

    Is there an MLS(major league soccer) draft for college soccer players?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a MLS Superdraft. I attached a link that specifies the rules, along with a blurb on who can enter the draft (basically college players and Generation Adidas players). Because MLS teams don't scout and develop youth clubs like in Europe, the draft replaces that system so the feeder system into MLS is essentially college soccer or the IMG Youth Academy in Bradenton

      There is a movement for MLS teams to build their Europe-like youth clubs. I attached a link that a MLS team can develop a young player and sign him directly (rather than go through the draft). I'm pretty sure this idea will take years, and MLS is really concentrating on growing the interest of the sport more than developing young U.S. players. Also, MLS wants to expand the league to 16 teams from the current 13.
      Major League Soccer's annual amateur player draft features the finest collegiate and youth soccer prospects in the United States. The majority of draft prospects are graduating college seniors from NCAA schools. Others come from Generation adidas, a joint program between MLS and adidas that is dedicated to developing exceptional domestic talent in a professional environment. Each year, a handful of top domestic underclassmen and youth national team soccer players are signed to the league and placed in the SuperDraft through this program. This year's class of Generation adidas players will be announced next week.

    What`s Western prospects of East Asian?!?
    I have to admit I am a hybird(Holland, American and Chinese)
    But my English is not so fleuent as native English speakers cuz` when I was born to the world I have been lived here(Taiwan).

    I found that people or students here are intelligent,especially mathematics and scientic.
    So I often think why Chinese can have so high intelligence quotient.
    I graduated a very strong school,where everyone have to be excellent at scores or International scientic contests,the graduates from our school in these years were noticed by French,American and so on countries,these countries let these students to be admitted to their sides in order to get more genius.
    Even though I was also this high school`s student,I studied much hard than them,I think.
    Every time they slept,they played ball,they went shopping,and they fell in love,almost not spent time studying unless the tests was approaching.
    So why they can be so smart=="

    Years ago,I found a news concerning that the East Asian has the highest intelligence quotient all over other races,the next is European.
    I started to firmly believe actually some of them are nature genius!
    I am honored to have both of these two races bloods.
    Despite being called hybird,I regardes I am one of the kinds.

    Oftentimes,I think about the questions why Philippine,Indonesian,Combodiam and African can`t be a strong economic countries as Japan,Korean,and Taiwan.

    Maybe it has somthing to do with people`s bloods,I think.
    We can`t completely denied there is somthing to do with the races.

    I have many facts,in indonesia ,the people who are rich and at the top of this country are as high as 8 percent are Chinese or Chinese,which their population is close to not yet one percent of this countries.
    Why? cuz`s it matters the country`s quality.
    Besides,philippine or other southeastern asian countries are the same case.
    But there are more overseas Chinese living in there than indonesia
    One thing is cruel.
    The Indonesian were so jealous of Chinese`s efforts,
    and campaigned a big rebellion there and the mobs slaughtered many Chinese landlords,how barbarian the people are there!(But I have to clear that not all indonesian did so)

    What`s Westerner`s point of views?!
    (I don`t think I am a Westerner cuz I grew up here.Even if I have a caucasoid face==")
    thnx for ur awesome answer!
    But it seems that you mistaked one paragraph of this article,which is all my classmates were Taiwanese(their ancestor undoubtedly were chinese).

    Yes,I agree with your viewpoints that we should judge one`s success by their efforts but not by their races.However,why Japan can develop into a high-tech country from severe destructions after the wwII in such a short time but southeast asian can`t?!
    Maybe some people would say it is because the USA supported Japan in the respects of the economy;however,when the usa and the Holland withdrew respectively from the philippines and indonesia,they are wealthy no matter in economy or military gaining from usa and Holland.
    But,why?! they fell and declined at an amazingly rapid.
    Maybe you will put the responsibilities to the goverency again.
    I think you can find some books regarding Japan`s history.
    Japan became a super power in the world in no more than 30 years before the wwI.
    You will konw why I think so.
    Actually,I like to associate with people from every part of the world.
    However,things went change when I learned that indonesian slaughtered so many Chinese there just on account of their wealth.
    Sorry,you also mis understood one history fact. when the Chinese went to southeastern asia,they were with nothing but bare hand!
    It was the time that happened approximately 200~350 years ago.
    So it was a fair contest for them to strive for the cornet!

    Sorry for my candid additional remarks.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't associate Chinese's wealth with their intelligence. Just because they are wealthy doesn't mean they are intelligent individually speaking. You would see for example in HK and Singapore, most professionals in the field of IT, civil engineering and construction are Philippine nationalities. Did you know that the octupus card in HK before had a long standing problem and hence the software cannot be launch, the european, chinese and everyone else attempted to solve it but it was the group of Filipino programmers who made it going? Well, I wouldn't say it has anything to do with wealth or what at all but pure intelligence. But then again in the modern world pure inteligence is usually not referred to because you will sound like a bloody racist. In the civilized world we live it, we always refer to it as efforts. Yes, we say oh because we did hard work and it is the effort paying off. We don't refer to it as pure intelligence or it has anything to do with blood mix or IQ.

      You yourself mentioned it, when the europeans are falling in love, shopping, playing soccer you are studying. So if you come to think of it, it just shows that you put in more effort in what you do and you just reap better results that those whose shopped or played or fall in love. But it doesn't conclude that you are more gifted intellectually than anybody else, european, caucasians, filipino, cambodians whatever. You open your eyes to the world and don't just look at one angle.

      The country's quality could be a problem of governance. You can have a poor country but with highly educated people.

      Your premise about wealth. Individually chinese can be wealthy but it could be because they take advantage of poorer nationalities that work for them. Like for example in one research I've done, imported labourer were paid a very small amount of money but they were asked to do a lot of long hours work. In my view, it is taking advantage of the oppressed. The employer would place them in Taiwan but the salary is not at par with the average nationals. And the company would take off some salary to pay for the accommodations and everything. But when you look at it it is just so being unfair because a lot is taken off from their salary. I can't say enough. But that would be enough.

      On your premise regarding why many so many mobs slaughtered Chinese. Well, first of all I hope they didn't do that at all. But I would say that with all of the past history, Chinese has greater survival instinct because they've been invaded and they had a communist form of government and they've been very poor. Those who are tired being poor and in a communist country try to get away from mainland, (thus the beginning of taiwan et all) and those from malaysia try to form their own government in singapore but still under dictatorship form. So those from singapore who doesn't want to be dictated escape and migrated to other countries. But they have a good chance of survival because they know how to take advantage, they know how to be stingy because they've been to a lot. But then again, come to think of it. It is not a product of genes but a product of the environment.

      When you grow old and travelled a lot, you will realize that it is just a small world after all. It is how we try to make this world a better place and that everybody has a right to be under the sun or soak in the rain. It is made for everyone. For all, this person has got not better right to think that he is above anybody else or below anybody else. That would be the start of war as when you would study your History of World War 1.

    Is it too late for me to go far with soccer?
    I play soccer at a community college near my house. I had always drempt of playing soccer at a large school, but injuries prevented that. I red shirted this year so I will have more years somewhere else. Except I dont even know where to start to look for coaches who would want me. Because I am not a top prospect because i've been out of the spotlight for so long, Im nervous i'll never be able to get where I want. Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry i can't help much, i have no idea what red shirted is (im English). But just apply to some colleges that have good women's football (soccer) programmes, see if you can get a trial and show them what you can do.
      Good Luck.

    Best way to get scouted for a junior soccer player in high school?
    I'm 16 (in the United States) and I am looking for a way to get scouted by colleges. I go to a pretty small school (350 students including 8th graders) and our soccer/football (whatever you prefer to call it) team has been extremely successful in the past 2 years (back to back region champions and in the top 5 1A teams in the past 2 years) but no one from my school actually gets scholarships and that's with tons of talent. I myself, play mostly defense and midfield and I'm pretty good but coming from a small school in a southern state no teams ever notice especially a defensive player. So are there any (preferably free) websites that provide some sort of a hook up with college teams to send in potential prospects? Or do you have other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Desculpa mas eu n o falo ingles soy de Brazil abra os

    Indian Basketball?????HELP?
    I'm a 16 year old punjabi/indian male and I play High school basketball in Canada and I am a top prospect who hopefully will be playing basketball in the USA one day, and I was just wondering if there are other Indian Ballers out there at any level and when I mean Indian I mean real Indian (From India) Not Native American.
    I also mean anyone of Indian Decent Like Indo-Americans/Indo-Canadians.
    I currently live in Surrey B.C where there is a 27 percent Indo Population and most basketball players there are indian but I was raised in Oakland and we (Indians) didn't really play ball down there we played like soccer.But anyway my question is are there other Indian Basketball prospects in High school or college. Thank You
    I'm 5 foot 11 and hopefully still goin I can jam and this summer this was my routine wake up jog to the gym work out jog to the rec play ball all day
    drippin like water im punjabi u dumbass we are aryan decent

    • ANSWER:
      lol desi too....but not punjabi i play ball and im'd u become top prospect?

    Can someone please send me all the requirements or studies i need to become a soccer club manager?
    i am a football [ uk ] soccer [ usa ] fan, EPL is my fav league, i did alot to come up and play football as a professional carrier but in india its impossible atleast for now.
    i would like to stick to football field so give me all the jobs i can grab and stay around football and its requirements. thank you'll in advance

    • ANSWER:
      How about an MBA in Football?

      No kidding, there really is a course titled 'MBA in Football Industries' offered by the University of Liverpool
      Does the name ring a bell? Its located in Liverpool, home of Liverpool FC

      Career prospects

      Many MBA Football Industries graduates now work in commercial and marketing roles in football clubs, associations, and specialist sports marketing firms. Other career opportunities lie in consultancy, media companies, agencies, corporate communications, human resources management, and freelance work. Specific examples are detailed as follows:

      Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Burnley FC, Chelsea FC, Everton FC, Leeds United, Glasgow Rangers, Fulham FC, Charlton Athletic, Manchester City, Preston North End, Reading FC, Bristol City, Hull City, Gillingham FC, Rhyl FC, Southend United, Tranmere Rovers, Wycombe Wanderers FC, York City, Shenhua FC, Sichuan FC, Chonqing Lifan FC and Dalian Shide (all China), FC Seoul and Incheon United FC (both S.Korea), FC Tokyo (Japan), Tours FC (France), Venezia AC (Italy), Feyenoord and FC Zwolle (Netherlands), FC Basel (Switzerland), Hamburger SV and St Pauli FC (Germany), Galatasaray (Turkey), AEK Athens, Ethnikos Pireos (Greece), Atl tico Mineiro and Atl tico Paranaense (Brazil), FC Lyn Oslo and Gr ner FC (Norway), Hearts of Oak (Ghana).

      FIFA, UEFA, The Football Associations of - England, Wales, China, The Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Angola and the British Virgin Islands, The Football League, The Scottish Premier League, The Netherlands Football League, Bedfordshire County FA, The Asian Football Confederation, Women's Soccer Initiative Inc..

      The BBC, Sky Sports, SportFive, The Financial Times, Reuters, O Globo, Associated Press, ESPN Brazil, The Korean Broadcasting System, Premium TV, Apace Media, Soccer Investor, Football Insider, Sports & Entertainment TV.

      St Helens Rugby League FC, Sale Sharks RUFC, The Brazilian Olympic Association, The Lawn Tennis Association, Racing UK Ltd., Pallacanestro Reggiana Basketball Club, Austrian Handball Association

      The Professional Footballers Association, UK Sport, Deloitte and Touche (in Manchester and Brazil), Sport England, IMG, Adidas, Nike (UK), Football Marketing & Management International, Platia Sports Marketing, Icons, Sport+Markt, Zone Marketing, As a Team (Greece), Traffic Marketing Esportivo (Brazil), ENIC, Vantis Sports Solutions, Mizuno Group (Japan), Amazing Sports Lab (Madrid), The Norwegian Ministry of Sport, Wembley Stadium Development Co, Octagon, Soccerex, Reward (Sports Loyalty Card), Mass Premier Soccer, Florida Soccer Schools, Fantasy League Ltd., Nationwide, and others in marketing companies dealing with football accounts. Some students have also gone on to work on a free lance basis as consultants or agents.

      Otherwise, if you re still physically fit, perhaps you could think of a career as a referee.
      Are you from India? If so, you could also try contacting Abhijit Kadam Football Development Centre in Pune for refereeing courses that can help you become an FA referee

      The English Premier League is the top tier of English football, and possibly the world; so keep in mind that only the best can be associated with the EPL.

      I wish you all the best.

    How do you find these mysims essenses?
    I was wondering, I've tried looking everywhere for these essences in the 1st mysims game; can you tell me where I can find these essences: soccer ball, tiny shark (shark), kissing fish and tim/tina doll

    • ANSWER:
      >Soccer ball: In the forest, go prospecting in the cave that's at the bottom of the map. You'll have to go round in a circle to get there.
      >Tiny shark: In the desert, go fishing at the spot on the right (above the 3 housing lots)
      >Kissing fish: Same as above
      >Tim and Tina dolls: In the desert, go behind the large rock with the house on top. Behind should be a cave. Go in there and prospect. You'll also find red and yellow crayons too.

    goodmornin mexican soccer section!! who else cant wait for the world cup?!? r questions inside!?
    Damn I can't wait for the world cup!! First off don't u guys think we have one of the strongest mexico squad since maybe 98? Cuz 02 we had vidrio? De anda? El chiquis garcia? They weren't that good. In 06 we had in our startin line up gonzalo pineda!?!? El kikin?? Wtf!? Enough said with those 2. In 2010 every player in our startin line up can probably play in top european teams!! So do u guys agree with me?

    2) Sabah in or out for south africa?

    3) Any young prospect or really under rated player that's gonna shine in the world cup with any seleccion??

    Thank you! Have a great day!

    • ANSWER:
      The 1998 squad was pure glory... in 2006 what affected us was the fact that our players were old already... this year we have a really good squad... however they are way too young. A Quarterfinal finish would be amazing but in 2014 is when we get to really shine.

      2) Possibly in as a sub

      3) Esqueda

    The reasons that the MLS will not be even close to the Argentinian soccer league in 10 or 15 years.?
    Here are couple of reasons that the MLS will not even be close to the Argentinian soccer league which is in the top 10 but compare with EPL or La liga is not close.
    1. MLS wil continue to be control the clubs which decreases the amount of money that owner will put into their clubs.
    2. MLS is trying to compete with the NFL. Futbal and Football can not be administrate similarly. The college draft is not profitable in soccer. A twenty years old college graduate will not be even close to a 17year old brazilian kit that has have being playing professional soccer for at least one year. People that goes to play in college soccer are not a good investment to any MLS club. He is not all and has misuse four or three year of his life in a worthless collegian league.
    3. MLS does not understand has not intension to develop lower division leagues. They need to incorporated second and third division so clubs can invest more money and preform better or they will not ever worry about descending to a lower league.
    4. The MLS will never have a Boca Junior, Chivas, or Barcelona because they refuse to allow the clubs to grow their own player. The reason of this is MLS want to introduce the draft as the main priority of getting players.
    I being here for while.... reading many of the questions. It was not a questing, it's my input.
    How can I be right and probably wrong.
    I have talk with several individuals directing the MLS team FC Dallas. And these people have not clue what they are doing, specially the person in marketing. FC Dallas, dare to say, has potential to have one of the best canteras in the North America. The majority of kids in the FC Dallas Junior are hispanic, so I ask one of the directors..." Why don't you bring a hispanic player." like who? Well, Pardo from America, or If you want to start filling up the stadium. They get in average about 5 thousand people. My high school football games had an average of 15 thousand. Why don't you bring Rafa Marquez. Yes, it will be expensive but you will have a leader and a good players at least for four years.

    • ANSWER:
      You might be right but your probably wrong. How about we talk in about 10 yrs about it?. lol.

      Your reasonable in certain ways. But here is somethings you should know. These are directed towards your reasons.

      1.MLS is in control under the single entity system (true), but the MLS is gradually raising the club salary cap. (It used to be 2.3 million per club but this season it got raised to 2.55 million)
      2.The draft delays the jump into the pro league. (True), but not all players stay in college for 3 or even 4 yrs. Most of the better prospects play perhaps 1 yr in college and make the jump. As well many 17 yr olds (examples; mcinerney, gil, altidore, bradley go straight into the MLS bypassing college).
      3.MLS has no infrastructure in lower league development. (True), USL is basically our 2nd division and it eventually may become our official MLS 2nd division league in due time.
      4.The MLS will never allow super clubs. (True), but that's not to say that they wont have magnificent clubs in due time either.

    How can an American kid play soccer/football in Europe and eventually end up in EPL?
    would be possible for a 16 year old kid from the U.S. to play for one of the academy clubs like Chesea's or any of the others. Are there open try outs for the academies? If a young man is accepted into one of the academies are there dormitories for him to live in and would he go to school? Do the clubs take care of their top prospects? I heard that you need to prove that you have ancestors that were from England to play in the academies. How many generations back do the ancestors need to be?

    • ANSWER:
      If he's American he most likely has to join an MLS academy team and play his way up to the "MLS" and basically get noticed by a European club and that could be a team from the EPL.

    Which sport do you guys think is the toughest to play out of these choices?
    Football (the American version)
    and Baseball

    Which is the toughest?

    Which is the easiest?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you can get to the answer this way. Players can and have gone directly from high school to the NBA. Virtually all NFL players have gone directly from college to pro football. I'm not familiar with the experience level of most "major league" soccer players, but I know baseball and I know that almost no MLB players even go right from college to the majors; many spend years in the minors before they can crack the top level. Regardless of how you slice it, only in baseball can a player still be a top prospect in his mid-20s because that's how hard the game is and only in basketball can an 18-year old player compete with 10-year veterans.

      "How hard is hitting? You ever walk into a pitch-black room full of furniture that you've never been in before and try to walk through it without bumping into anything? Well, it's harder than that." - Ted Kluszewski

    Are you going to watch the south american u-20 wcq?
    it starts tomorrow and you can watch it on gol tv.
    who do you think is going to win?
    the groups looks like this:
    group A:

    group B
    the top 3 teams from the each group moves on to play in another group where the top 4 team qualify for the u-20 wc.
    so who ya got qualifying?


    • ANSWER:
      I am.

      I'm a big fan of soccer, and i love watching the prospects.

      Who do i think is qualifying?

      Argentina- has been pretty good, even though they tied with Venezuela. Look at for Eduardo Salvio he real good

      Uruguay- to me they are going to be the favorite to take it all. Tabare Viudez who plays in AC Milan. This kid is great, and the whole team is solid.

      Ecuador- has great prospects, and i could see them making it go through

      Brazil- Of course!

      I'll definately be watching the whole tournament. As is it very interesting!

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